Making a house a home

When I was in college I always envied people who had cute apartments.  I did not – try as I might – have a cute apartment.  When I graduated and moved home, same thing.  It’s something that is hard to accomplish when you live with several other single women.  So when I finally ditched the roommate scene for the spousal scene, I figured I could finally start making my house a home.

Our wedding photographer had promised pictures in 6 to 8 weeks – 16 weeks and several emails later, we finally did get them and I had my very first project.  As I have said before, I’m not creative.  It is not beneath me to ask one of my more talented sisters to help me with anything having a creative aura to it.

One Saturday we went to the store to pick out picture frames.  Knowing what frames I had, I then had the task of picking out pictures.  Which my sister also helped with.  When they arrived we set a time for her to come over and help.  She decided we should stick in some wall art and a clock to break up the photos.  She also suggested buying some butcher paper and doing a layout first.

photo 1

I thought the project would take two hours max….about four hours or so later, we were almost finished – I finished the second wall by myself.

Of course – it didn’t help that Shutterfly sent me pictures that were less than top quality and we spent time trying to find a store we could order photos through for one hour development (which in reality meant three hour development at Wal-Mart).  It was a less than relaxing project to say the least but I am happy with the final results.


photo 3


photo 4
The second wall – which I finished by myself once the pictures were complete.


On the fireplace mantel I have my wedding bouquet, some engagement shots, and the gift mailbox from our reception (I decorated a paper mache mailbox like the one from Up!)


3 thoughts on “Making a house a home

  1. Well – we put holes in my walls…I guess I forgot that part. It was kind of a pain actually because the house is messed up and there aren’t much in the way of studs…discovered this when the towel rack fell in the bathroom.


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