Joining the Club

I think I’ve told enough people that I’m allowed to finally blog about my new and exciting news.

I’m pregnant!

We wanted to tell our families, but only after we had gone to the doctor.  Turns out you don’t go to the doctor until 9-12 weeks (we went at 9).  I’ve had “morning sickness” all day long for roughly 6 weeks now….no biggie, just have no appetite and have trouble keeping certain things down.  We told our families and then a week later I told my Mia Maids (yes – they are mine).  I guess I don’t know what I was expecting, but I didn’t expect the room full of 14 and 15 year old girls to squeal quite like they did.  Don’t get me wrong, it made me feel good.  But it was also good I didn’t tell them until I was ready for EVERYONE to know.  The moment they left the room people were popping their head in the doorway asking who was pregnant.  Then they stood in the hallway watching me with beaming faces.  They kept saying, “she’s pregnant”.  I guess I just wasn’t that kind of kid/teenager.  My four year old niece rubbed her face all over me when she first found out.  I don’t know what that was about but her mom tells me the extra loving is because I’m pregnant.  My two year old niece was curious about the candy canes I’ve been carrying around with me (they help with the sickness) and I said, “Well, they are for the baby, remember my baby?” I asked, patting my stomach.  Her response? “It’s my baby too.”

It’s this strange feeling that everyone around me is possessive….of my baby.  It’s okay though, I know they aren’t going to do anything super creepy.  Well, maybe not the four year old.

The hardest has been to tell my single, female friends.  They don’t make it hard, I just worry they’ll take it hard.  I was single until I was 31 and until I started dating my husband, I had honestly thought maybe I’d never get married, which meant no kids.  I guess I have to just assume they’d be like me.  I would be happy for someone with my news.

I have to admit though, I’m not loving being pregnant.  I smell things that aren’t even there (like right now, I smell several deli meats mixed together, mostly I think it’s salami.  I hate salami). The smell of cooking rice sent me off the other day and sadly, a few weeks ago the smell of pizza started doing the same.  I THINK of pizza and can smell it (even when it’s not there) and then feel sick.

And don’t even get me started on the emotions!  Sometimes I’ll start crying and Chewy will ask me what’s wrong and I really don’t know.  Nothing triggered it.  There’s a nasty taste in my mouth all the time.  Sometimes I start coughing and then I’m gagging and then I’m dry heaving (or throwing up if there’s anything in my stomach).  And I’m cranky, I had a temper tantrum at Comcast and threw my phone across the room.  Then yesterday I couldn’t figure out how to skip forward in a podcast and almost lost it (I figure it out by the way and the rest of the evening I was on good behavior). Oh gosh, I’m beginning to sound like Elizabeth Banks in ‘What to Except When You’re Expecting’ (kind of love that movie – but just a warning, there’s a bit of language in that scene).

Anyway – I’ll stop complaining (for now…)




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