A month ago I mentioned taking family pictures for a friend of mine – I finally got around to asking her if I could post some.


The morning of Thanksgiving I was able to take pictures of my sister’s family – as this is the second year I’m beginning to think this is becoming a tradition.  It’s a good thing I like taking pictures and working on my mad skillz.

I’m going to have to figure out some ways to get kids attention.  I found a few things that worked but only if someone didn’t happen to walk by.  Luckily not too many people were out that morning.

For anyone photographing kids, here’s what worked.

  • Asking them to look at the camera for just two shots (which of course, I had it set so I was taking a bazillion per second) and I held up two fingers and would lower one at a time.  When my fingers were gone, they were free to look wherever they wanted.
  • Asking them if they’d like to see the picture I just took – I haven’t met a kid who DOESN’T like seeing themselves on the camera.  Once they see it, I just asked if they wanted me to take more.
  • Every once in a while asking them to be as silly as they can be – because basically their parents are going to try to get them to stand up straight and smile the whole time.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that I’m their ‘cool’ aunt.  What things do you do to photograph kids?



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