I’m married to a ninja. When we were first married he tried to teach me to be a ninja too but I’m afraid I’m not cut out for it. The ninja life is too hard. 

Even as I write this at 530 in the morning I’m not sure where he is. I got up to feed the baby and when I came back to the room (trying to be a ninja so as not to wake him) I didn’t realize he’d left until I laid down and reached a tentative hand over to feel for him. We live in a small house, and he’s only had fifteen minutes to relocate, I should at least be able to hear what room he has gone to or seen some faint light source. 

I got nothing. 

Last night, I went into the nursery to move our sleeping baby who had rotated 80 degrees and flipped unto his belly but was at last asleep. I took some time deciding how to do this and finally went with the “ripping off a bandaid” approach. Satisfied that I hadn’t woken him, I turned and left the room, closing the door behind me. I made it to the kitchen when I heard a door open behind me. I turned, expecting to see Chewy coming out of our bedroom or the office but he came from the nursery! That means he was in there with me and I didn’t notice!! Trust me when I tell you, that room is small and smaller still with all the baby stuff in it.  He was laughing because j just turned and left him in the dark and I was laughing because, well because of the whole crazy situation. He wasn’t even trying to creep me out or trick me, it just came naturally. What a creepy ninja man. I love him. 


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