12 Days of Christmas: Tradition 

I mentioned sugar cookies in the last post. My grandmother used to make sugar cookies and assorted homemade candy and send them to us in these Christmas tins. Of course, my dad was also making the cookies as they were a favorite Christmas tradition from his childhood so we got lots of sugar cookies at Christmas time. This is my first Christmas as a mother, but I’m looking forward to continuing this tradition. With my kids. My dad would make TONS of cookies, the dough has to be refrigerated for an hour so he usually made the dough the day before. OUR tradition as kids was to sneak cookie dough 🙂

He taught us all how to do it, how to roll out the dough and how to ice them without getting icing or sprinkles everywhere (he may have had OCD). My mom would make fudge and we’d put the sweets on a paper plate and take them to people. I still love doing this and have already been delivering them (except I’ve added gingersnaps and peppermint fudge to the mix).



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