Parenting and Cleaning (read to the bottom to enter to win free stuff!)

For those who don’t know, which is probably everyone, I sell Norwex.  I AM NOT the salesperson personality.  I thought long and hard about becoming a consultant because I get so nervous around people and am a huge introvert.  But I love these products and they have changed my life and the way I clean.  I joined a little over a year ago, a few days before finding out I was pregnant (and also becoming more exhausted than I’ve ever felt in my life).  I did a few parties and reached out to a few people but frankly, over the last 14 months I haven’t done much with it.  So one of my New Years Resolutions this coming year is to be more active about it.

In case you’ve never heard of Norwex – and there are plenty of people who haven’t, I certainly hadn’t when I was invited to a Norwex party, they are mainly microfiber cloths, though they sell many other products.  Norwex started to fight super bugs in hospitals (i.e. mersa, staff, etc.).  The cloths help to clean without the use of harmful chemicals either.  They can clean (removing bacteria) with just water and the cloth.   That was the big appeal to me, especially because at the time my husband and I were talking about starting our family and so it was kind of on my mind how to provide a safe and clean home for our children.  I have eliminated all the harmful chemicals from my home and I actually enjoy cleaning more.  I can start cleaning when I put my baby down for a nap and if he wakes up, I don’t worry that I am transferring harmful substances to him when I pick him up.

So anyway – that’s a super brief intro to an amazing product.  I have a Facebook page and a Norwex website for orders.  So to try and kick start my year and getting back in to things, I’m having a drawing for free stuff!  The instructions are on my Facebook page, but basically, like my page, change your settings to get notifications (or follow my blog because I will probably post all future drawings on here anyway) and then tell me about one of your New Years Resolutions.  Below is the link.

Like my page and enter to win!

I’ll be posting more about Norwex products throughout the year, mixed in with all my regular blog posts about writing, parenting, photography, and anything else that tickles my fancy.


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