Old Year!

On my old blog I always did a recap of the previous year’s goals and kind of graded myself on how I did.

My overall theme was “Oh ye that embark in the service of your God” because I wanted to be more service oriented.

Theme grade – fail.  I really didn’t get too serviceable until this month so here’s to continuing that next year.

Here are the goals from last year:

  1. Have a baby!  Yes – I cheated – I was already pregnant when I wrote that one, but I followed it through.
  2. Read 20 books.  Yes, I read twenty books but I didn’t read Dune or a Wilkie Collins book like I told my husband I would.
  3. Complete at least half of Personal Progress.  I did a few things, like I made my meal planning board for Good Works and that was awesome, it’s been great not having to think of what to make each night.  This may need to reappear for the coming year.
  4. Study Scriptures. I did better, but not like I envisioned.  It was hit and miss most of the year.
  5. Budget (for real!) – Budget created (I love it, I love excel – I’m such a nerd) but there is room for improvement, but the goal this past year was just to make it and track.
  6. Exercise Regularly – I mean I upped my step goal on fitbit but I haven’t been good about working out.  Doing an exercise video ten times a year doesn’t really count as regular.
  7. Start doing family home evening.  Oh I started – we had it once and then I got mad at Chewy because I didn’t think he was taking it seriously.  But considering I had a little bit postpartum depression, I’m going to forgive him (I’m so kind)
  8. Daily individual and family prayer – Personal prayer is green – family prayer is red, so I’m yellow on this one.
  9. Journal writing.  I’ve written a few times and I guess writing in baby’s journal should count too because I write him on all the big events.  I figure when he’s older and full of himself he’ll like to read how much he was the center of my universe.
  10. Eat less sugar! Things got crazy during pregnancy with the sugar intake, but I have seriously cut back (and started to cut the pounds too because of it!)

Wow – I’ve done a terrible job this year.  I’m going to give myself credit for having a baby and keeping him alive because I have never done that before and didn’t realize how tired I would be.


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