New Year!

Happy New Year!

Every year I give myself a personal theme (an idea stolen from my best friend).  This year I got the inspiration for my theme from General Conference back in October.

“Centered in Christ” mostly I feel I need to recenter my life in what matters most. 

And because I’m a bit OCD I always have ten goals (I can’t explain why it has to be ten just understand that it does). So drum roll please…

Presenting my goals for 2016 (eek I’m getting old):

  1. Writing – I want to be more dedicated in my writing.  My writing group has been impressed that I’ve still submitted something each month, seeing as how I have a new baby and all, but I want to be better about it.  I don’t want to aim too unrealistic for an hour a day because I have learned I have too many things I “need” to do each day, so if I could write 3 hours a week I will consider myself doing well.  With that – this year I want to finish the novel I am working on.  I’ll still be editing it with my group come December, but I want the rough draft to be complete.
  2. Church – I want to be better about reaching out to the girls on a regular basis.  I want to at the least, text one girl per weekday to see how they are doing.  I also want to be better about Personal Progress, mine and theirs.  I want to do at least one experience a month and then try to help them complete at least one a month.
  3. Get more involved in Norwex – as you may have seen the post – I am trying to ‘Jump Start’ my business.  It’s not really about making money (though that would be nice), for me it’s about helping people to improve their lives.  I’ve learned so much about how cleaning is just big business and making money and all these cleaning products you buy at the store are hazardous to your health (I used to be pretty naive and think they wouldn’t sell us stuff that would hurt us…)
  4. Lose Weight – I’ve been losing, but I want to keep it as a goal, I don’t want to get complacent.  I want to lose more than just my pregnancy weight.  I want to lose about 30 pounds and I think that’s more than possible in a year.
  5. Stick to the budget – I set a budget last year, I tracked, and I even analyzed how much over and under we were in the categories, now I just need to stick to it!  Sometimes I see something for hubs or babes and want to get it for them but I have to be better about this.  Right now we totally make this one income thing work – but I want a bigger house sooner rather than later and that means sticking to the budget and saving!
  6. Read 12 books (make ’em big).  I used to do 50 books a year but then I would shy away from thick or slow books because there wasn’t enough time! Last year I went down to twenty and read some bigger books but still leaned toward quick reads.  This year, down to 12, one a month.  If I go over, great, but no excuses not to finish Dune, Wool, and The Road.
  7. Develop my photography skills.  I want to learn something new each month and apply it.
  8. Declutter and Organize my house!  Mostly my office.  I have too many hobbies for just one office but it’s all I have so I want to declutter and organize said office.  One – so all my junk fits in it but also so that I can have a place to edit photos, work on Norwex, write, and any other hobby I might pick up.
  9. Family – I want to try for Family Home Evening again, I want to go on dates with my husband, be more diligent with family prayer and scripture study.  Baby’s growing up and before we know it he’ll be old enough to join in and understand these habits.
  10. Go to the Temple – I want to go once a month.  My attendance was iffy with the pregnancy (once you almost throw up there you hesitate to go back).  It’s a two hour drive, it’s not that far.  Yes, while pregnant it was hard at first with the morning sickness, and after baby came it was hard because I couldn’t be away from him for that long at first.  So this year, baby will be old enough, I won’t be pregnant, I have no excuses.

Those are my goals – I hope my old manager would be proud and they are SMART.


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