I like to bake. I’ve been okay about it lately, I got my bake on during the holidays and then I stopped. Yesterday I baked a cake for my mother-in-law’s birthday, which she and everyone else loved so…there are no leftovers. Maybe if there were I would have this desire to make cookies. 

I emailed my husband at work and told Gino needed him to talk me down from baking cookies. He wrote back quickly and said, “what kind?”  I don’t k is if I am pleased or disappointed that he’s not trying to stop me. So I wrote back, ALL OF THEM. Well really I wrote back that I was thinking of trying to create Templetons or maybe I’d just make brown sugar cookies or snicker doodles or peanut butter or all of them. 

He asked if there was anything I could eat that would help. Have you ever just wanted to eat the whole world?  I’ve been feeling that way lately but Chewy has been home from work to stop me. Now he’s back at work and all I keep thinking about is eating a warm cookie. I don’t care what kind. I told him it’s not hunger, it’s pure want. He wrote back, “I don’t know why to say. Panic…panic!”

I held off for another hour, I thought not knowing what type I wanted would help but then I decided on brown sugar, because I could start that and add chips later if I should so choose. 





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