We get snow in Virginia almost every winter, we don’t get a lot but we do get it. I love snow, love love love it. I don’t mind being cold when I’m in it, I love to eat fresh snow and make snowmen and snowballs and just all around feel like a kid again. 
This year we got a lot more than we usually do. This past weekend’s snow was known as Stormageddon (which happens to be one of my baby’s nicknames).  I can’t say MY Stormageddon loves snow as much as his mama but we’ll get there.  Here are some pics from our snowed in weekend. 


Getting ready to shovel the driveway
Look at that stud. Don’t look too much, he’s mine.
Atilla even got to go outside. He didn’t mind the cold but he hated the snow.
this is what a snowman looks like when you dont have carrots..l
“Please mom – don’t make me go out there again”


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