Stormy Turns 8 Months

Today Stormy turns 8-months old.  He is on the move a lot more, not the full on crawling yet, but he moves quickly with his “dragging his body across the floor” move and he doesn’t use his head as much to propel his body forward.  Some of his favorite things to do include:

  • Pulling my hair
  • Clawing my face (breaking skin is a bonus)
  • Kicking me – all over
  • Eating Spinach, carrots, apples, sweet potato and avocado
  • Singing – a high pitched squeal I assume is singing.
  • Dancing
  • Being in anything that allows him to jump
  • “Petting” the cat (which, mad props to Attila for not killing Stormy)
  • Building forts – or rather, hanging out in forts I’ve built for him

Things I love that he does:

  • When he’s reached the point of no return with sleepiness he starts to laugh, you don’t have to do anything, he just starts laughing.
  • He reaches for Mommy and Daddy’s faces when he’s excited to see them
  • He lets me snuggle him every so often
  • He is always so happy (with the exception of a few meltdowns), it’s hard to be sad with him around
  • Sometimes if I’m not paying attention to him he’ll stop and stare at me until I look over and then he’ll laugh and kick or jump (depending on what he is in/on) and continue playing.





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