There’s a First Time for Everything 

We’ve finally come to Stormy’s first cold. I should just be happy with the fact that we almost made it to ten months of existence without any illness.

thats oatmeal, not vomit

There has been a lot of face planting too.  


Luckily he has a mom and a cat brother who are understanding and allow him to use us for comfort. 
We’ve cranked up the humidifier and spent some quality time in the bathroom with a hot shower running to loosen up any congestion. Stormy’s staying hydrated too, that’s always been important to him.  

We purchased and have used multiple times the Nose Frieda and Johnsons Vapor Bath.  Can I put in a plug for the nose Frieda? It’s fantastic, much easier than the bulb syringe, I mean baby’s gonna cry either way but at least in the midst of tears and constant movement I’m having some success.  And the vapor bath clams him a lot. Still, these are just to soothe, cold’s gotta run its course I guess. 

 Do any of you moms out there have advice for how to deal with baby’s first cold? I’m still new at this. 


3 thoughts on “There’s a First Time for Everything 

  1. Never leave the house again so no one gets sick. Haha. Jk. You are doing awesome! There’s not much more you can do. We use Maty’s vapor rub on the girls chest and feet. It doesn’t contain methanol, which can burn their sensitive mucose membranes. I think Vicks makes a baby rub too. If you use essential oils, we also put Breathe in a vaporizer. And then just give it a few days and it should pass. Hugs. It stinks when they aren’t feeling well.


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