Kids Say the Darnedest Things 

My sister got married the day before Easter. As with every other wedding in our family this means we spent extra time together. My brother flew in from Oregon, my other sister had her baby blessed, and wand spent time setting up for the reception. Also – I made 12 dozen cookies….if you’re wondering, that takes up most of a day to do. 

On Friday night we were at my sister’s house, she has six kids. Her son, who is ten (I think, maybe 9) was looking for his soccer ball so he could take it outside to play. He came in to the room, glanced around and left. The soccer ball had been to his right. So I called him back in and pointed to the soccer ball. He grabbed it and said, “I can’t believe it, a woman who is smarter than me!” I said, “you’d better, there are millions smarter than you.” I later told his mom she should have a talk with him. I don’t know when he became a sexist because his father certainly isn’t one. I blame the presidential election. 

My niece (from a different sister) asked her mom if her aunt (the one getting married) was going to have a baby and if I would mind if he was named Stormy. (Well she didn’t say stormy she said my baby’s name). 

And all stormy can say at this point is a demonic MaMa…so you know…that’s creepy. 

Here are some pictures from the week. My sister asked me to be the “photographer” (I’m cheap and easy to work with) so I’ll post some of those pics in a separate post. 

Meeting Uncle Matt for the first time. Stormy liked his height (6’9)
The morning of the wedding my sibblings sent pics of what they were all up to. Everyone was in bed
The original clan minus a brother, met for lunch the day before the wedding
Stormy in his new Sunday best. Watch out ladies.


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