It’s been a while since I posted last.  It’s not that nothing is going on, things have been pretty busy, they just haven’t been busy in the blog worthy sense I was once used to.  I had a terrible day before Mother’s Day but a good first Mother’s Day.

It started on Friday when Chewy and I were retiring to our room for the night.  Our house is stupid and there are no overhead lights except in the two front rooms…correction, there are overhead lights in our room, but we tried to wire it to the light switch…thinking this was an easy thing to do, turns out the house just isn’t wired for it and it’s not worth the money.  POINT BEING – entering our room can be dangerous after the sun has gone down.  I decided to skip turning on the ceiling light and went straight for the lamp on my nightstand.  What I had forgotten was that I had the exercise trampoline set up by the bed.  I took a tumble. I hit not once, but twice.  First my shin and then cracked my knee cap against the other end as I tried to use my hands to somehow stop all the falling and smacking. It was PAINFUL. I wept like a baby. Chewy got me some ice and I did the whole RICE thing. Saturday morning I went to ortho on call as soon as they opened. I typically don’t bother but I’ve injured that knee before and I’m not getting any younger AND I didn’t want my first Mother’s Day tainted by an injury I maybe should have had treated.  I just wanted to be sure it wasn’t worse than I thought.

I got to wear throw away shorts and get my knee X-rayed, got an ace bandage and got a prescription for some anti inflammatory gel (pricey…).

Luckily there was no serious damage and the swelling and pain should go away soon.

I got my Mother’s Day gifts early on account of my family (husband) feeling sorry for me. Chewy got me roses, Stormy got me a cake, and I decided I wanted pizza on Saturday so I didn’t have to cook.

So- that was Mother’s Day. In theory I don’t like flowers because they seem like a waste of money but the truth is…I LOVE getting flowers. Hopefully Chewy will continue to buy them for me.

In other news, Stormy is 11 months old now! He’ll be a year old by Memorial Day. Chewy and I decided to do a cookout at a park.  We will only have family, but our families are big so we knew anything at our house was out. At first it seemed like a lot of work (and drama) that Stormy wouldn’t appreciate.  But Chewy and I discussed it, sans family opinions, and made the decision. I started making my checklists (because I’m a nerd) and got excited. I’ll post more after it happens.

After a week of a rain we’ve gone to the park quite a by this week. Here are some recent pics.

That’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll be better about updating.


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