Mommy brain 

Mommy brain was something I’d heard of long before I began to experience it. I figured it was a saying like, “senior moment” that explains away any airhead comment or moment of forgetfulness. And maybe it is just an expression to get away with those moments but I’ll tell you, it certainly feels like a real phenomenon!  

I can completely space on words I’ve never struggled with before, words as simple as “appointment” when I’m in the midst of trying to explain I’d like to schedule one. And then I feel the need to assert my intelligence, as hidden as it may seem to the person I’m communicating with (if they don’t know me- if they do I just let it go). 

Last night I was getting ready to leave the house and wanted Chewy’s opinion on whether or not my pants were getting saggy (good and bad, good because it means I’m losing weight, bad because I don’t want to buy new clothes AGAIN). 

I went into the room and said, “are the pants of my jeans saggy?”  

Chewy sat there with a look on his face but no answer. “What do you mean?”

Frustrated, “the pants of my jeans, are they loose?”

That look again. I was getting annoyed, was this a guy thing? Why did he not understand?

“You’re jeans look fine,” he finally said.  

I sighed, was that so hard? I thanked him and put on my shoes as an echo of our conversation reverberated in my mind…I realized what I had said. I confirmed my miscommunication with Chewy, who seemed relieved that I had caught it myself. 

I’d like to say this is the first or last time I’ve had moments like this but sadly I know there were many more before and many more to come. Probably even tonight or tomorrow. 

What are some of your mommy brain/senior moments? 


2 thoughts on “Mommy brain 

  1. The pants of your jeans, huh? My latest “brain cloud” is that I keep getting the first names of our lawn guy & our mechanic confused. Chris keeps wondering why I am expecting the mechanic to show up at our house (I’m guessing they don’t typically make house calls) or why I expect the lawn guy to change the oil in my car. Sigh…

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