Don’t Tell Me What to Do!

Last night I attended a bridal shower for a kinda niece. “Kinda” because Chewy’s brother and sister-in-law took her in when she was a teenager but never officially adopted her (which is good because the guy she is marrying is my sister-in-law’s brother, who she knew before the “adoption” and was really good friends with and if she had been adopted then legally they couldn’t marry. As is, they are not related and never saw each other as such and it’s complicated but I promise it’s not weird- except that she sees her future sister-in-law like a mother, but other than that everything is cool).  That’s not the point of this post. 

Back to the shower, so I went with my sister and our mother-in-law (because we married brothers). It was pretty low key, I tend to hate bridal showers but when they are low key I’m okay with it. There was just one game and it only involved the bride to be and then we wrote advice or date night ideas on Popsicle sticks. This got my sister and I talking about little things we have learned. I don’t even remember what was said but my mother-in-law caught wind of it and joined our conversation. And she needed to vent about something.

She started by saying how men think differently and they really don’t get it sometimes, they don’t understand our expectations because we don’t think the same way. So then she starts her rant by saying you’d think after all these years of marriage her husband would know her better and do you know what he said to her tonight?! 

My mind was sluggish at best on trying to think what thing he could have said to her to rile her up so much. I was drawing a blank but I knew it had to be bad. 

I shook my head and my sister did the same. “He said HAVE FUN.”

“How DARE he!” I responded. “Of all the rude things, how dare he tell you to have fun!”

She continued by saying she doesn’t have fun at these things he should know that by now. We continued to tease her and she laughed about it (she’s good natured and with two daughters-in-law with my sense of humor she needs to be). 

And you know what? None of us wanted to go to a bridal shower but we stayed two hours and  we DID have fun, but not because my father-in-law said to. How dare he. 


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