The Sweetest Things

A lot has happened since I last posted.

Stormy turned one year old two weeks ago! I can’t believe it’s been a year. I’m finally sleeping through the night (mostly) again.  We celebrated his birthday on Memorial Day with a cookout in the park. Chewy and I both have large families so we figured that would be easiest.  I decided several weeks ago that I wanted to make a monkey cake for stormy, since we’ve always considered him our little monkey. I was nervous, because the only other cake I’ve ever done was a puppy paw for my sister’s birthday and that was just a round cake with four cupcakes up top.

When I started I was even more nervous because it didn’t seem like it would look anything like the picture from the pan.


But slowly it started to look more like a monkey. #momgoals

It was humid, as is the norm here, but the temperature was good and the rain held off. Have I mentioned it’s rained most of the past month? Seriously it’s only been sunny and handful of days and Monday was not one of them.

The adults and teenagers under the park pavilion.  All others on the playground.



He was a little weirded out by everyone singing “Happy Birthday” to him.

We decided to give stormy sugar for the first time, Chewy and I are so prideful and stubborn that the more my family complained that we were waiting for a year to give him sugar, the longer we wanted to wait.  Seriously, babies don’t need sugar (well- no one does really but especially not babies). To our relief, he has no interest so far.

He had more interest in the plate the cake was on.  I even tried to give him a sugar cookie that my dad made. He promptly removed it from his mouth. I’m okay with that. He has his whole life to eat grandpa’s sugar cookies.
We waited to open his present until we got home. He was too distracted at the park but once we got home he kept going for the present.

We had the doctor on Tuesday for his one year appointment. Apparently it’s pretty impressive that I am still nursing Stormy…I personally like nursing a lot more than I thought, but I have started weaning because I will not be one of those ladies nursing a five year old. Stormy’s gotta grow up sometime.

Anyway, so Stormy has always been very good at the doctors. He is curious and watches what everyone is doing and sometimes the doctor lets him play with the doctor stuff for a second–but that wasn’t the case on Tuesday. The moment we put him down to be measured he flipped out. I guess it’s normal for them to start to develop apprehension. Doesn’t help that they pricked his finger later and then shot him four times in the legs.

By the end of that week both Chewy and Stormy had a stomach bug…I will only say that I am so glad all of that is over.  I don’t really like being thrown up on and my brain seriously didn’t know how to process that!  I think I’ve got it down now…but I’m not looking forward to that happening again.

So that’s the update.  Happy Birthday to my handsome little dude.  Can’t wait to see what year 2 brings!


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