Don’t Stop Believing

Today I had the opportunity to help out at the Special Olympics, RVA style.  I’ve done this several times before and this year was my second time as a youth leader in charge of some teenage girls.  We kind of found out about it last minute so I only had four girls sign up but that was okay with me, less people to keep track of!

Love these girls
We got put to work on the field passing out water and directing athletes where to go
After all the races were finished we went to cheer on the athletes at the awards ceremony
Then we went into the arena and ran into the Richmond Spider (I hate spiders)
This young man saw the girls getting a picture with the Spider and asked me to take his but he doesn’t have email or a phone and he couldn’t find his coach…if you know him, please pass this photo on to him.

When we went into the arena, this kid was belting out “Don’t Stop Believing”.  It was fantastic!

The whole day was exhausting but a lot of fun.  I think all of us ended up a little sunburned.  We finished earlier than we thought so I got all the girls milkshakes while we waited for their parents to arrive.

I absolutely loved working with the athletes and other volunteers.  It’s great to see the athletes accomplish their race, cheer on their friends, and show great sportsmanship.  It was incredibly hot today and they all did such a great job and I’m glad we were there to help them stay hydrated and to be a part of their proud moments with them.   I can’t wait until I can do this again!




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