Adventures in Traveling

This past Saturday, Chewy and I went up to the temple in Maryland.  I drove on the way up and instead of taking I-95 we took 301…which is a bit longer.  If 95 is backed up, 301 is fantastic because ideally in the long run  you would get to your destination faster despite the longer mileage.  I’m not convinced that we achieved that on Saturday but that’s not why I’m posting.

Anyway, lately I’ve been getting these really bad headaches, I mean, want to throw up and die kind of headaches.  I think it’s because when I’m concentrating I clench my jaw and for three hours or so I had been doing that.  So I had the headache when we got to the temple and we were there about 2.5-3 hours.  When we left, Chewy offered to drive and I thought I should take him up on the offer.  But then I seriously felt every turn, every bump, and they all made me feel worse and worse.  I could barely make myself look at the GPS to help navigate.  I held off until we were actually on 301 and then Chewy pulled into a gas station and got me some Tylenol.  We found a place to eat quickly after that, thinking maybe hunger was also causing this.

I immediately went to the bathroom while Chewy ordered but it was one of those bathrooms where it only helps one person out at a time…lame.  The door was locked and I waited a while but felt sick standing.  I went back to sit with Chewy, then tried again.  Either someone was in there a long time or someone else had gone in while I was sitting.  So I went back to Chewy and I tried to eat but even the thought of my beloved french fries made me want to be sick.  I returned one more time.

I tried the handle and pushed…it didn’t budge.  Unbelievable – there weren’t that many people there how could it be that someone was constantly in there?  So I decided to push harder, maybe the door was just really heavy or something.  It worked!  The door opened and there was a woman….sitting on the toilet.

Have you seen The Office?  Season 6 Episode 15 (I googled it since I couldn’t find a clip) Pam and Jim go to visit a daycare -they arrive early so they look around.  Jim notices the cute little door for the bathroom and decides to open it (thinking no one would be in there because all the kids were somewhere else).  There’s a man sitting on the toilet, he waves his hands to ward off Jim entering but it’s too late, he’s been seen.

That was my experience, except change out the skinny white man for a heavier set black woman.  He waved Jim away, she waved me away.  I immediately looked at the floor, said, “sorry”, and closed the door.  I went up to Chewy and without sitting down, leaned in close and said, “someone’s in there, let’s go.”  He said, “okay, let me top off my drink.”  I picked mine up and my uneaten food and said, “I’m going to go outside, meet you at the car.”  I mean, I was the only woman in the place with a skirt on – there’s no way I could hope she wouldn’t recognize me as the woman who walked in on her going to the bathroom.  I waited until we were in the car to tell Chewy the real reason I wanted to rush out of the place…surprisingly, he didn’t really react one way or the other. I had kinda expected something from him.

Lock the doors people – they’re there for a reason.

Just so you know – I forced myself to sleep in the car and that somewhat helped but I remained sick for the rest of the day.  I’m doing fine now, thanks for asking.


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