One Man’s Garbage…

So the county does a neighborhood cleanup once a year.  We get notifications in the mail and there are sometimes signs posted a few weeks before.  Then the week that the cleanup will be, the neighborhood looks real trashy because everyone is bringing all their junk to the curb for Saturday morning.

This is a most interesting time of the year for people watching.  Monday I watched as a neighbor dragged tons of stuff to the curb, including a handicap toilet and delapitated grill. Tuesday morning all that remained were sheets of moldy plywood. 

I dragged our stuff to the curb yesterday. 

That thing in the middle is a Rubbermaid closet type thing that used to hold my water filter when I had a well. I expected that thing to go fast, I hoped it would because it’s in good condition, just a little stained and I never used it so it was just a spider house in my backyard. 

I took a shower and got dressed.  And when I looked out the window- it was gone. 

I expected it and yet when I saw it was gone my initial reaction was being upset that someone took something from our yard! I talked myself down though. 

This morning I opened the curtains just in time to see a man inspecting our garbage. He grabbed a metal rod and drove away. 

This is probably one of my favorite events of the year….what’s that say about me? 


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