Mother Goose

For months I’ve known about story time at the library but Stormy would always be napping whenever they had it! He has finally moved to one long nap a day so we went to our very first Mother Goose Story Time on Tuesday.

I think we were both a little intimated by how many people there were. Stormy kept looking at all of them and he barely focused on what was happening. But we got some songs in and overall I think he enjoyed it. I think this will be something we do from now on (even though mom (aka me) was having social anxiety…but the things I do for my little Stormy).

At the end of story time the librarian pulls out all the toys and the kids can go wild. Stormy left me immediately and got into the thick of things. Every once in a while he glanced up to make sure I was still there but overall I think I had more separation anxiety than he did.

Looking at this picture now – I can see that it was a victory that Stormy allowed me to put his name tag on the front and that he left it alone.  Looks like most of the other kids his size had them out of reach on their backs.

As you leave the librarian stamps your hands…I mean, the kids hands. I was showing Stormy how it’s done.



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