Merry Christmas!!

I’ve enjoyed this Christmas season more than the last couple of years.  I think it’s because Stormy is getting older and I’m excited for him.  That being said, he still doesn’t really get it.  We’ve done Christmas family home evenings, decorated the tree, watched at least one Christmas movie together, but for now I’m the only really enjoying it.  The other night I made the family go out and deliver cookies.  I thought it would be fun, but almost immediately Stormy started to cry and I thought, “oh great, this is going to be terrible”.  I almost gave up and took Stormy and Chewy home but Chewy said everything would be fine so we went ahead.  We did doorbell ditching because neither of us wanted recognition for the cookies, we had just thought of people we felt needed a little extra Christmas cheer.  Since I’m 4.5 months pregnant, Chewy to the ringing and running.  Hearing his giggles as he ran back to the car and jumped in made it all worth it.  On the last house, he said I had to do it because the pressure was just too much.  I went to the front door, tried to position the container of cookies so it wouldn’t get overlooked when they answered the door (we worried that happened at the previous house).  I kept stopping because it sounded like someone was coming.  Then I finally rang the door bell and took off.  The porch light came on before I could even get in the car.  I slammed the door and closed my eyes hoping for the interior light to go off.  I’m not sure if they saw us (ok, I’m pretty sure they saw us but I’m not sure they realized who it was).  I was laughing because of the adrenaline and Chewy said, “that had to be the least stealthiest cookie drop ever.”  It’s true.  But what can you expect?  I’m pregnant, so on top of the normal worry I would trip and fall, I’m not as fast as normal at the moment.  But it was fun and I hope everyone got their cookies.

This morning I woke up early and couldn’t fall asleep, I was so excited for Stormy.  It’s not his first Christmas but last year was kind of boring, he didn’t really get it.  This year I started to show him how to unwrapped his present and he went crazy.  Even unwrapping presents still under the tree before we could hand them back.  It was a simple Christmas and I like it that way.  I felt Stormy got plenty of new toys and Chewy and I are happy with our gifts.  I keep wondering if Stormy just thinks this was a really cool day where he got to play with paper and got new toys.  Next year he should really get it…right?

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