Out with the Old…

It’s that time of the year again…the time when I remember the goals I set for myself in January and then realize how badly I failed at them.  So let’s see how I did for 2016

  1. Writing – if I could write 3 hours a week I will consider myself doing well.  Also, I’d like to finish the novel I am working on.  I have not been writing for 3 hours a week, especially after I got pregnant and spent the last 4 months exhausted and vomiting…as for the novel – I don’t remember which one I was working on at that time.  If it’s the one I am currently working on, then I failed because I’m only 11 chapters in.  If it was the other one – done and burned.
  2. Church –be better about my calling and complete more personal progress.  I think I have passed this one, I mean, it’s not over til it’s over, but I completed most of my personal progress this year and I feel that I am doing alright as a leader (as opposed to failing miserably as a leader which is how I normally feel).
  3. Get more involved in Norwex – Norwex is as backburner as it can get for me.  Sometimes I think I give myself too much to do and other times I feel like I’m just lazy.
  4. Lose Weight – I made it to my pre-pregnancy weight before I got pregnant again so that’s something.  I have since gained.
  5. Stick to the budget – Close enough – I’m getting there 🙂
  6. Read 12 books (make ’em big).  I finished Wool and the Road and many, many other books but not Dune…I’ve decided that I have no interest in Dune.
  7. Develop my photography skills.  I’ve learned new things – just not one a month.
  8. Declutter and Organize my house!  I’m not going green because we didn’t de-clutter until two weeks before the new year.
  9. Family –Did pretty good, but not consistent yet.
  10. Go to the Temple – I went some – but it’s harder than I realized to get up there once a month, especially getting pregnant again.

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