In with the new…belated

Usually I post my new goals on New Years Day.  Not this year.  I think mostly because I struggled coming up with goals.  Every year I give myself ten goals, mostly due to the (undiagnosed) touch of obsessive compulsive disorder I have.  I have these goals and then I forget about them and I usually luck out if I complete any of them.  So this year, it seems that I will be breaking many of my  resolution traditions, and will not be giving myself ten goals.  I’ve also decided that for this year I am going to go along with the church’s theme for the youth – ASK, instead of making up my own.  It seems I’ve turned into quite the lazy person since becoming a mom.  So here are my goals for 2017.

  1. Finish Personal Progress.  I’m pretty close and just need to do a few more experiences, so why not, right?  Plus, I could be released from my calling any time this year, and I’d like to finish it before I’m released, but even if I get released I’d still like to finish it.
  2. Writing – at the conference this past year I attended a session on good writing habits.  One lady said she has a goal of writing 100 words a day, if she writes more that’s great but she has committed to 100 a day.  I think I can do that.
  3. Journal/Blog Writing –  I’ve been TERRIBLE at both and want to be better.  I used to write in my journal EVERY day! Of course that was before college, but I feel certain I can at least get in once a week.
  4. Have Family Home Evening – I’ve kind of been doing this, but when I got pregnant it all just stopped.  Mostly because I feel like no one is getting anything out of it.  But I do know if I continue, the habit will be there for when people do start getting things (and by people I mean Stormy).  To help, I even ordered a book with 52 ideas for young families.
  5. Do something new each week.  Do you know how many pins I’ve pinned on Pinterest?  If pins were food I could solved world hunger.  So I want to take at least one a week and try something new!
  6. Get the house ready to sell! That’s right!  We think we might be ready to move in Spring 2018, but there’s a lot to do before we can sell.  Mostly this goal will be me bossing Chewy around because I am fully aware I won’t be that helpful with physical things for a while.

That’s it.  It truly pains me to have 6 goals and not 10.  I even considered just stopping at 5 so that I had half of ten.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  But hopefully I’ll stay on top of these goals and start getting things done, instead of pulling them up in December and thinking, “yeah, I guess I kind of did that one.”


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