One is the loneliest number 

There are 11 days until baby number two is due. Am I ready? Who knows.

I’m a little nervous about having two kids. The one is a ton of work and as I recall he used to be a lot of work but in a different way….which means I’ll have two different types of “ton of work”.  It’s a daunting thought. 

And if it’s possible, which it is, I’m more nervous about labor with this one. Everything was so easy with the first one. I was scheduled to be induced so I had a date and then he came the day before, which was fine because I was already ready to go.  Chewy hadn’t left for work yet when the things I had read to look for to indicate the start of labor started happening.  I’m trying to be realistic that things won’t be exactly the same this time. Which I guess is what makes me nervous. 

That and now there’s more to take care of. We know who will be watching Stormy, but we have to work out how to get him to that person and we have to have an overnight bag ready. The worst part – What if labor starts in the middle of the night?! That’s the worst thing to me. I hate to bother people and we’d have to bother everyone in the middle of the night. I just want this baby to come during business hours like her older brother did. And it’d be nice if she came sooner rather than later, she killing me. 

So – that’s my update after a long absence. More to come soon. 


One thought on “One is the loneliest number 

  1. Please don’t worry too much. I had my second one in the middle of the night. We had to knock on our neighbor’s door at 2am and let them take care of my crying boy (1.5-yr-old). Of course, my neighbor had kindly offered to help (in case needed) before that, so it was not completed unexpected. But I had wished it would not happen at night–just like you now. Best wishes to you and the baby!


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