Double Trouble

I never thought anything would top Poocalypse but I was wrong. 

About two weeks ago I was giving Stormy a bath.  He was pretty docile which isn’t like him. Then I heard Chewy from the kitchen, “oh gosh!” Which usually means a child has made some sort of mess, mostly produced from their body. I asked what was wrong and he said Gertie had spit up on him. A few minutes later he came into the bathroom saying he was wrong, the wetness he had felt on his arm wasn’t spit up-rather it was a diaper blowout. Which I had kind of guessed from the large brown stain on the back of her pajamas. I took Gertie, Chewy got Stormy and I plunked Gertie in the bathtub. I washed her down then got her out of the tub and wrapped into a towel. As I was coming out of the bathroom, Stormy ran up to me crying…he had vomit on his hand. Before I could react he started projectile vomiting not once but twice. I wrapped up Gertie tighter in the towel, put her in a bouncy seat and took Stormy back into the bathroom for a second bath while Chewy cleaned up the mess in the living room. While all that was happening, Gertie started crying. I picked her up just to have her hang out with Stormy and I when I realized that the towel was wetter than it should be. I opened it up to find that she had pooped. I cleaned her up, put on a diaper and pjs, put her in her bouncy seat and went back to Stormy. Got him out of the tub and in new pjs, brushed his teeth and gave him water to drink. By this time it was thirty minutes past his bedtime. We had family prayer and put him down. I came into our bedroom where Chewy had Gertie and she filled another diaper. 

To recap:

Gave Stormy a bath

Gertie had a blow out

Gave Gertie a bath

Stormy vomited all over himself and the living room

Gave Stormy a second bath

Gertie pooped in a towel

Cleaned Gertie

Put Stormy to bed

Gertie filled another diaper

Change that diaper

Mom and dad pass out in bed…


2 thoughts on “Double Trouble

  1. OH my goodness. This story should go viral! How do you make something so awful sound so entertaining and make parenthood even sound fun from in?? Sorry you had to go through all of that though ):


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