The Kitty Life

Since Gertie was born, the cat's been peeing on the couch. As you can imagine, I'm not too happy. I cleaned the couch and have had to keep plastic covering on it, which is annoying. I tried several things, everything really, to keep him from peeing. Finally, a friend suggested taking him to the vet. Just to ensure it wasn't a bladder infection (of course I think he'd be peeing EVERYWHERE if that was the case) and to possibly put him on Prozac. I didn't want to do it for a few reasons – one was expense (because I'm a terrible person) and also I wasn't sure we couldn't stop the behavior with everything else. But one failure after the next and I was on the phone making an appointment. I took him at the end of last week. Grandma watched the kids while we were there. The car ride home was intense. A cat who hates traveling in the cat carrier, a tired baby, and a toddler who hates when his sister cries. I took a video to prove it. I was losing my mind but it was also funny. Diagnosis: kitty to be put on Prozac for 1.5 months to try to correct the problem. Will update soon.

(Sorry it's sideways) By the end of the trip I needed Prozac…


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