Potty update

I realize that I went offline on the potty training bit. I stuck with potty training for five days. They were the worst five days of my life. I got so sick and tired of stepping in pee, cleaning it up and turning around only to step in pee a few feet away. I don’t know how a bladder so small can hold so much urine.

I decided to stop potty training because of a blog post I read (and I’m sorry I don’t have the link right now). The author said that one mistake made about potty training is starting too soon. She compared potty training to walking and talking. You don’t force your kids to do those just as you shouldn’t think you can force them to use the potty in a week. I realized that Stormy isn’t ready. He has shown almost every sign, but I misread his interest in what the potty was with an interest in actually using it.

So I’ve decided to wait until he’s 16 and desperate to get out of diapers because he can’t seem to get a date….just kidding. But I am going to give it some more time. In the meantime we will continue to talk about the potty, we’ll show him how to use it and we’ll encourage his interest in using it himself. It’s just a battle I wasn’t ready to fight and honestly, we’re both a lot happier right now.

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One thought on “Potty update

  1. Before I had kids I would hear my friends talk about potty training and it always went one of two way. “Ugh, I hate potty training. It’s the worst. There is pee everywhere.” Or “I just waited until my child decided he was ready and he did it himself.” Well I thought to myself, I will choose the second option. Sounds much more pleasant. With T, she started showing interest in the potty around 19-20 months, but it came and went. At times around 2.5 I kept encouraging her to use the potty but she always said no. I was ready but she wasn’t. So I struggled to wait for her to be ready. One week before she turned 3,one day she said I don’t want to wear a diaper anymore. She started using the potty and has never had an accident. I was stunned, but elated. She still chose to poop in a diaper for a few months, which is normal to take longer. And nighttime dryness is totally different as well, so she is in a diaper just at night. But it was so low key. E has shown interest since she was 18 months, but still at 2.5 she doesn’t have the bladder control yet to fully train. We just entertain her interest when she’s interested and know she will do it when she’s ready. Not ever on our time schedule, haha. Best of luck! These little ones always keep you on your toes.


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