Moving on up to the sky

So we had our realtor come out this past weekend to take a gander at the house and let us know what we need to work on before putting the house on the market. I was thinking she’d point out “projects” but she walked through the house and told me EVERYTHING that needs to be done – such as decluttering, staging, etc. talk about overwhelming! I spent the next several hours writing lists. I kept trying to find a method/type of list to help me not feel so overwhelmed…not sure I found one but writing everything down thirty different ways was its own type of therapy (because I’m a huge nerd who makes lists and excel spreadsheets for relaxation).

We’ve decided we need a storage unit sooner than later, we just want to make sure we get one big enough to hold our lives. Because one thing you don’t quite realize when you plan to put your house up for sale is that while it’s on the market they want you to live in your house…but look like you don’t. So even though I have my lists (which somehow keep growing) I’m looking around my house preparing for what can be packed away for a month or more and what’s really necessary for daily living. It’s like trying to pack for a month long vacation and hoping for the best case scenario so you can pack light. Yikes.

Anyway – at least that goal has gotten off to a start. Now I’ll be spending a lot of free time painting (and writing because I need to finish that book!), and packing up life!


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