Today is a New Day

I’ve been in a bad mood lately. I don’t really know when it began but I can tell you when I decided to make it end. I was hanging out with a friend, we’ll call her Kate, on Friday and she asked me if I needed help with the kids. There was something about the way she asked, her question having some pity/concern or something in it and it struck me that I haven’t been my best self lately.

I used to roll my eyes at things like, “happiness is a choice”, but really folks, it is and I’ve known that for quite some time (ps- I’m not naive though to the very real fact of depression and that is not something you just will away – but you can choose to seek help). A few years back one of my goals had been to leave people better than I found them and I found that because of that I was a better person. I think I’m going to institute that in my life again because my bad attitude hasn’t been leaving people better than I found them. And when I focus so much on complaining or fault finding with people and places in my life, it filters the way I see things and then I get sucked further into that mood.

So that was Friday when I decided to get over whatever it is I’ve been allowing to control my mood for months. Yesterday was great, not a whole lot happened but I was in a better mood, I was a better mom too.

Today church was amazing and it’s been a long time since I’ve thought that. It’s been good or okay. But today I got so much out of church and when I looked at the people around me I found good, complimentary thoughts popping up (honest second here – lately I’ve had mean thoughts pop into my mind). I’ve resisted liking my new ward and it wasn’t hard to resist it-it’s very different than my old ward. Much louder, less organized and such. But today I was just overcome with the feeling that I was surrounded by really amazing people. In Young Women’s (have I mentioned I’ve been called to serve in YW again?) the girls are incredible, they participate A LOT and what they know and what they have to say was just amazing–I was just impressed with each and every comment they made.

I’m so fortunate and for months I’ve been blind to that, or resisting it and I didn’t realize I was doing that or the effect it was having on me. I haven’t been taking the time to practice gratitude. Not just listing my blessings but to see the world around me in a better way.

Last week I taught on gratitude, and I gave the girls each a notebook and told them how President Eyring had shared how he looked for the hand of the Lord in his life (or his family’s life) each and every day. So I challenged them to look for the hand of the Lord in their life each day – and since I don’t issue challenges I’m not willing to do myself, I’ve been keeping my own notebook and at the end of every day I take a few minutes to ponder how the Lord has blessed me that day. It’s super hard but I’ve done this before so I know from experience that it gets easier. And I can feel my attitude improving. If you haven’t guessed, Kate was my mention for Friday because I needed that question to push me out of my rut.

Anyway – just wanted to say that and don’t know how to end the post so this paragraph will do that for me. I’ll post about Halloween and this weekend in a separate post.


Kissing Strangers

So it’s been a long time. Quick update – we moved! We put our house on the market around 9 pm Friday night before Memorial day. We ended up with five showings scheduled for the weekend and we got an offer shortly after noon on Saturday. We decided to take that offer and cancel the other showings. Not because we got an outstanding offer, like more than we were asking for or anything, but because we hated showing the house. We had to pack up the kids and the cat and find somewhere to go, the kids weren’t so bad, but the cat was rough. The next six weeks were a lot of work, there was a lot of stress eating involved. We ended up putting a new roof on and doing some work in the crawl space and some plumbing. It was awful. But everything worked out and we closed on time, on July 6th.


It was a little bittersweet though, I’ve lived there for 8 years, got married, had two kids. We found a house on Memorial Day, put in an offer the next day and closed on July 9th (so…happy one month anniversary to the new house).


We love it so far. It needs some work and we made our long list of things we want to update but nothing that keeps us from enjoying the house. It’s over twice the size of our old house so we definitely love having space. Especially space for the kids to play and I can see the backyard from the kitchen window, the sliding door in the dining room, and from several other windows, one thing that was frustrating with the old house was that I could only look into the backyard from my bedroom window.

So there’s a lot more playing outside. Also, I’m realizing my kids don’t often wear pants…

I’ll post more pictures of the house as we update things.

We also started potty training (again). It’s going much better than last time, but it’s still taking time. So strange that you have to teach someone to recognize when they need to pee or poop and what they should do when that happens. But Nicky will be starting preschool in a few weeks and he needs to be potty trained for that – so it turns out I can’t wait until he’s 16 to potty train him. It’s a good lesson in patience for me – not that I’ve excelled, but there’s plenty of opportunity to practice.

This past Sunday, I was waiting for Sunday School to start and was rubbing Izzy’s head (if you’ve rubbed her head before you understand the irresistible urge to do so), I felt a bump on the back of her head and when I turned her around and investigated, I found that it was a tick. Which grosses me out. BTW – I had a tick on my foot shortly before we moved, it got infected and I had to go to Patient First when it started to swell. No Lyme disease. Anyway, so I left church early and took her to Kid Med to get them to take the tick out (I didn’t want to take chances with her precious noggin). The nurse held Izzy’s head and I held her arms while the doctor took the tick off her head. She was screaming and crying but the doctor got it out, it wasn’t engorged and he felt we got it quickly enough so that it didn’t have time to transmit anything. I have to keep an eye on it of course.


So then he goes to wipe the bite area with an alcohol wipe and she’s screaming again and so I decided to comfort her and kiss her on the head…except that the doctor was holding the top of her head and so I actually kissed his fingers…of course I immediately called attention to that, because that’s what you do when something awkward happens. He was very good-natured about it and joked about it more than once. When I got home, I confessed to Matt that I had kissed the doctor. His first question, “on the lips?”

Oh – and Nicky got glasses. He’s terrible about wearing them but I suppose that’s my fault. I keep forgetting.

Idk why he’s making the face in the last picture, I just copied him.

I think that’s it for the update. I’ll try to be better about blogging in the future.

Gray’s Anatomy

After reading some parenting articles that popped into my inbox via BabyCenter and WhatToExpect, I decided to use the proper words for body parts rather than cutesy nicknames that will save me from some embarrassment.

So when Nicky points at his particulars and asks me what it is I tell him it’s his penis (I feel dirty just writing it). He repeats the word after me like he’s been doing with new words for a while now.

I live in constant fear of him yelling it out in the middle of church.

It’s been over a week since the last time he asked. So this morning as I’m getting Nicky dressed he points at my waist and says, “mommy’s penis” I explain that only boys have them (so I’d appreciate he not tell people I have one).” Then, because this kid really knows how to hurt me he says, “mommy’s mustache.”


So I tell him that when a woman has a mustache we don’t say anything about it.

I don’t have one btw.

After getting dressed he wants to play with play dough. I pull out all the green play dough and start to roll it into a cylinder which yesterday, he was calling “capeeshes”. So I thought I was making a big capeesh for him and he yells out, “a big penis!”


And now he’s asking me to make the play dough into a big penis.

When did my life get so inappropriate?

Homemade Play Dough

This stuff is so easy to make!

Throw the following ingredients into a saucepan:

  • 1 Cup flour
  • 2 tsp cream of tartar
  • 1/3 CUP salt
  • 1 Cup water
  • 1 tbsp oil

Stir over medium heat until it gets thicker. Then add whichever food coloring you want. Continue stirring until the play dough pulls away from the pan. Set on wax paper to cool.

The whole process takes less than ten minutes.

I have to say, it’s pretty fun to play with it while it’s still warm.

I originally made some two years ago in my overzealousness to make things for Nicky. It took a little longer before he was really interested, point being though, that play dough is still going strong. The only reason I made more was because he’s mixed together the colors and even some brand name play dough his aunt gave him. It’s U-G-L-Y.

Fun at the Mall

We had an action filled morning on Friday. We met up with my sister and her two girls at Short Pump mall where they had a free mini petting zoo (the things you can do with an outdoor mall!). It wasn’t until we were the second group of people in line that Nicky noticed the animals, even though I kept pointing them out. He was very excited!

From there he saw the fountain and wanted to go check it out.

And it was by a playground.

And this mall has a freaking train you ride…so of course we had to do that.

It was a good day and Nicky took the best nap after we got home.

Moving on up to the sky

So we had our realtor come out this past weekend to take a gander at the house and let us know what we need to work on before putting the house on the market. I was thinking she’d point out “projects” but she walked through the house and told me EVERYTHING that needs to be done – such as decluttering, staging, etc. talk about overwhelming! I spent the next several hours writing lists. I kept trying to find a method/type of list to help me not feel so overwhelmed…not sure I found one but writing everything down thirty different ways was its own type of therapy (because I’m a huge nerd who makes lists and excel spreadsheets for relaxation).

We’ve decided we need a storage unit sooner than later, we just want to make sure we get one big enough to hold our lives. Because one thing you don’t quite realize when you plan to put your house up for sale is that while it’s on the market they want you to live in your house…but look like you don’t. So even though I have my lists (which somehow keep growing) I’m looking around my house preparing for what can be packed away for a month or more and what’s really necessary for daily living. It’s like trying to pack for a month long vacation and hoping for the best case scenario so you can pack light. Yikes.

Anyway – at least that goal has gotten off to a start. Now I’ll be spending a lot of free time painting (and writing because I need to finish that book!), and packing up life!

This is why we can’t have nice things

I love peanut butter.

I just wanted to say that before I went off on it.

I always find it on my pants. Sometimes my shirts, but usually my pants. It’s become an accessory several times a week. I don’t own that many pairs of jeans, mostly because I’m losing weight so I don’t want to stock up on pants that won’t fit me for long.

Sometimes I know the peanut butter is there because toddler man mouths my leg after eating some. Sometimes I find it later, I look down and there it is, about the height of the kitchen table because someone decided peanut butter makes excellent paint (and it kind of does).

It’s kind of gotten to the point where I’m not so careful when I eat anymore. The food on the kitchen floor doesn’t always come from the toddler in the room, why should it? I have to clean it up no matter who makes the mess and there’s always going to be something to clean up…so why try so hard?

Toddlers may be messy – but they sure are fun. So for now I’ll deal with the peanut butter and all the other little messes and I’ll try to be more put together and clean when I’m older.