Reading/TV Free week

About a year ago my husband and I decided to do a TV/Phone/Computer free week.  We did it because there were so many things that we wanted to do (mostly reading) but didn’t do it.  Not because we were too busy but because we watched too much TV or played too many games on the phone (that’s me surprisingly…not hubs).  We liked it so much that every so often when we are feeling bogged down we do it again.  I’ve been so productive this week (and it’s only Tuesday) that I’m thinking of doing this once a month.

Today I made paper ice cream cones…

Don’t judge the couch – it’s on our list to replace this year.

 I didn’t just do this for a kick-a craft day, we have New Beginnings this week.  For those who don’t know, New Beginnings is something we do every year for the young women at church.  When a girl turns 12 she enters Young Women, so we have an activity dedicated to welcoming them.  We typically do this is January, before any of the girls turn 12, but this year one of them turned 12 on the 3rd – no way of beating that.

The 16-17 year old girls (aka Laurels) are “in charge” they come up with the idea/theme (this year is all about the ice cream and different flavors).  Then it feels like the leaders do all the work from there.  The 12-13 year old girls (aka Beehives) will introduce each of the upcoming Beehives by sharing information they got from either the girl or their parents.  The soon to be Beehives LOVE IT.  Then we have girls talk about the Personal Progress program (thus the different colors of ice cream – we were trying for all 8 value colors but couldn’t find two of them).  So this is what I did during Nicky’s first nap today.

Yesterday – I got hooked on Trello (you should check it out).  We are going to use the app to help track Personal Progress so I was using it for my own stuff to get the hang of it.  I’ve been organizing some projects, lessons, activities, recipes, etc.  It’s crazy – but the point being, I’ve had time to do all of this stuff AND still get all my regular “chores” done.

So one of my projects is actually personal progress related – I have this thing I’ve wanted to do for the girls for a while and I’ve decided to do it for one of my value projects.  It’s a Daughter of God envelope, each girl gets a big envelope with seven smaller envelopes inside, one for each day.  Inside there are quotes, letters, etc. to remind them who they are (a daughter of God) and have them spend a little bit of time thinking about it.  The idea being that by the end of the week they will have a better appreciation of their worth and potential.  I got the idea here and I’m going to modify it a bit.  I’ll post more after I’ve given it to the girls.  So I’ve been working on that.

Oh – also, I’ll  have you know that I have written on my story more this week than I have any week since giving birth and I’ve started to read The Road.  Now if I could just remember this all the other weeks of the month and not turn on Netflix so much.