Moving on up to the sky

So we had our realtor come out this past weekend to take a gander at the house and let us know what we need to work on before putting the house on the market. I was thinking she’d point out “projects” but she walked through the house and told me EVERYTHING that needs to be done – such as decluttering, staging, etc. talk about overwhelming! I spent the next several hours writing lists. I kept trying to find a method/type of list to help me not feel so overwhelmed…not sure I found one but writing everything down thirty different ways was its own type of therapy (because I’m a huge nerd who makes lists and excel spreadsheets for relaxation).

We’ve decided we need a storage unit sooner than later, we just want to make sure we get one big enough to hold our lives. Because one thing you don’t quite realize when you plan to put your house up for sale is that while it’s on the market they want you to live in your house…but look like you don’t. So even though I have my lists (which somehow keep growing) I’m looking around my house preparing for what can be packed away for a month or more and what’s really necessary for daily living. It’s like trying to pack for a month long vacation and hoping for the best case scenario so you can pack light. Yikes.

Anyway – at least that goal has gotten off to a start. Now I’ll be spending a lot of free time painting (and writing because I need to finish that book!), and packing up life!


General Update

Have I mentioned that we want to move? I’ve been wanting to move since Stormy was born but now Chewy is on board too. The house is just getting too small.

So we’ve been saving for a down payment and working on fixing this house up and we are hoping to move sometime between spring and fall 2018. In the meantime our house continues to wage war against our savings account. I’m not sure who is winning to be honest.

We have a huge list of projects and as time goes by we start wondering what we can just leave, if you’ve seen my neighborhood you know we aren’t going to get back much money on unnecessary upgrades.

A few weeks ago, when I was potty training Stormy actually, we had a lot of rain. At one point I thought I stepped in pee by the fireplace, then later i realized it wasn’t pee but that our fireplace was leaking. It was a bad week for me and I just sat down on the couch and cried because I wanted my toddler to stop peeing on the floor and I wanted to be done with this money pit. Then I bucked up and got to work. I found a company on Google that had great reviews and called them for an estimate. They said they’d have to inspect it first and that would be $199. Seemed steep but when rain water is coming into your house, threatening to mess up your floor, you do it. So they came out, took a picture of the top of my chimney (I guess that was the inspection) and said the repairs would cost $1350….so of course we got another estimate. The next company came to do the estimate (for free but even if they did an inspection it would have only cost $50). The guy sealed the hole for now (for free – thoughtful), and he was knowledgeable and honest with me, he didn’t think as much work as the first company said needed to be done actually needed to be done and he explained to me why. Then – their estimate came in at $600…I’ll let you guess which company we went with. He even explained to me why they came in cheaper. Most chimney companies work on commission, they do not.

Anyway, now that I’ve written my review. So there’s that.

Stormy starts “preschool” on the 15th. It’s a Mothers Morning Out program, it’s not full blown preschool. One day a week, no parties, pageants or field trips. I’m hoping it will be good for him to interact with other kids besides his cousins. Several times throughout the year I’ll be helping out in the classroom. Should be fun to see him in that setting.

We had a bunch of rain last week and Stormy discovered puddles. And I had fun taking slow-mo videos of it.

Gertie is now 3.5 months! Can you believe it? The craziest thing is, I wasn’t even dating anyone 5 years ago and now I’m approaching my fourth anniversary and have two crazy but adorable kids.

My church calling is going well. I’ve been serving in young women’s for about three and a half years. It’s coming to an end soon though and I find it all bittersweet. It will be nice to have my Thursday nights back but I find that going to youth night always makes me feel better and refreshed. It’s hard hanging out with two kids all day. I absolutely love the girls I work with and even though I’ll still see them at church, I know it will be different and I’ll miss them. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for whatever calling is coming next, but it’s hard to imagine any other calling being as fulfilling as this one has been.

I bought a laminator…that’s right, I felt that was update worthy. I’ve been making little family home evening pouches (I’ll do a post on those later) and laminating everything I can think of. I love it.

I think that’s it for the update – I’ll try to be better about blogging more often so that the posts aren’t so long.

Money Pit

So it’s been a long time since I’ve written. Not much to really update on.  But here’s how the past two days have gone. 

Yesterday I went to the dealership to get an oil change and state inspection (I get them free at the dealership- that’s the only reason I go there). So I dropped it off at 8:30 for a 9:30 appointment and they told me it would be done by 1. My sister gave me a ride and I got there at 2 and it still wasn’t ready…the front desk person called the service person several times and she finally came to the front to say she was just about to call me (over an hour after she told me it would be ready?) and she mentioned some suggested work. I asked her how long it would take and she said, “twenty minutes” so I said I’d go ahead and just do it. I was there until 3:30, which trust me, is way more than twenty. At one point I went to get Stormy some goldfish and the vending machine refused to acknowledge the dollar I put in. I was really mad by that point. Today, we took Chewy’s car to a different place for the exact same stuff, dropped it off at 8:30 and it was done by 10…I think I’ll go there from now on. Free isn’t worth it. 

In other news – we’ve been having issues with our dryer. It smells terrible. We figured the tube was clogged but I can’t take the smell anymore. So today we were going to go to Carter Mountain but instead Chewy went to the store and bought a vent hose cleaning system. He decided to take a look under the house first (terrifying- I kissed him goodbye just in case). 

Turns out the hose was shot. And PLASTIC which it shouldn’t be. 

Chewy went back to the store to buy replacement gear. The new tubes are a little fragile and he ripped one – so Stormy and I went to the store to get a new one while he went under the house to put down a vapor barrier. While down there he came across a BOWL full of water and rotting food.  Have I mentioned I’ve lived in this house for 6 (almost 7) years? I certainly didn’t put the bowl under there meaning that BEFORE I bought this house someone knew there was a leak and put a freaking bowl there to catch the water and food bits.  Needless to say I’m a little angry about this. Angry at the person who lived here before, angry about how poorly this house was built and cared for, and angry that at the rate we are going we’ll never be able to move because we wouldn’t feel right trying to sell a house with so many problems (which means we are spending our down payment to fix the issues that keep cropping up here). 


So that’s my two day update. 

For the next two days I’ll be at the James River Writers Conference – my update after that should be far less angry. 

Here’s something more fun that happened today. ​​

One Man’s Garbage…

So the county does a neighborhood cleanup once a year.  We get notifications in the mail and there are sometimes signs posted a few weeks before.  Then the week that the cleanup will be, the neighborhood looks real trashy because everyone is bringing all their junk to the curb for Saturday morning.

This is a most interesting time of the year for people watching.  Monday I watched as a neighbor dragged tons of stuff to the curb, including a handicap toilet and delapitated grill. Tuesday morning all that remained were sheets of moldy plywood. 

I dragged our stuff to the curb yesterday. 

That thing in the middle is a Rubbermaid closet type thing that used to hold my water filter when I had a well. I expected that thing to go fast, I hoped it would because it’s in good condition, just a little stained and I never used it so it was just a spider house in my backyard. 

I took a shower and got dressed.  And when I looked out the window- it was gone. 

I expected it and yet when I saw it was gone my initial reaction was being upset that someone took something from our yard! I talked myself down though. 

This morning I opened the curtains just in time to see a man inspecting our garbage. He grabbed a metal rod and drove away. 

This is probably one of my favorite events of the year….what’s that say about me?